The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

This coming December Lasse will be rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean. This will be the first time in history that a dane crosses an ocean in a rowing boat alone. 

Starting December 12th from La Gomera in the Canaries, it is a 5,000 km rowing race to the finish line in Antigua in the Caribbean. 

It is one of the true remaining ultra endurance races and adventures where every decision and act matters.

Follow Lasse on his journey to the finish line and onwards.   



Ocean rower

Lasse is an experienced ocean rower with a background in the military. Lasse has completed two crossings of the Atlantic Ocean.


Nutrition Coach

Thilde Maarbjerg is helping Lasse in regards to diet and nutrition through his extensive prepartion. Thilde is a nutrition nerd and author in the field and she is dedicated to optimizing health, performance and resilience through food and appropriate supplements.


Crew chief and social media/PR manager

Sanni is a highly experienced event manager, communicator and social media content creator managing press, media and communication for Lasse. Sanni is also Lasse's wife.


Performance coach and program manager

Stefan has been supporting  Lasse in all his prior rows and is an integral part of the team. Stefan has a background in psychology and leadership and is an adventurer himself.


Physical coach

Mikkel is supervising Lasse’s physical preparation. 

Mikkel is the physiotherapist for the Danish Women’s National Handball Team and for Team Astralis amongst others.